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October 03, 2011


We have leaky roofs too, and still paying off a business loan that we haven't even had the business for like 7 or 8 years. I just always look on the bright side of things.....10 years ago we still had bills and probably something else wrong with the house, but we had each other and food on the table. Ten years from now, we will still have bills and probably have to redo most of the house, but we will still have food on our table and each other. There really is no reason to stress about such things...as that is all they are is THINGS. None of us are going to die or anything because we owe a ton of money or our ceiling and walls get a little wet. Just have faith and keep a smile on that face. If you smile as often as you can and even just smile and say "hi" to everyone you pass....it makes things seem a little brighter every day! Love ya

I am saying a prayer for you Autumn. I know it sounds very trite, but two years ago I was having the same feelings (surely, two weeks after officially resigning from my job my car died - had to buy a car, and I started getting what ended up as 15k of medical bills in the mail). Some how, some way, things started getting better. Not perfect, but better. Hang in there. I love Daphne's beautiful photos.

Hey cousin :) I don't think God works that way--with "punishments," etc. but that he does put things in our path that are for the best, and he's always working out things for good for those who love him.

That said, I've been feeling very very sorry for myself lately as well. Very discontent. Adulthood just kind of sucks. You can work your butt off non-stop and have "nothing" to show for it. It doesn't seem fair, but at least we're not occupying Wall Street, right?

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