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May 11, 2011


"Her real mother's day gift to me, though, was when she pointed out a missing apostrophe in a Wendy's sign as we drove past." I love it. You look wonderful, and I am so happy for you and your family. You are going to be a great mother, especially if your lullabies are sung like Cartman... I miss you!

Haha, that cracks me up, too!

You are awesome, and I am so glad the kiddos' teachers were so great!!! I had a student once who lost her mommy a few years before, and that was tough.

I am so glad you are comfortable with the hospital and feeling positive about delivery. I so feel you on this one...like that I was so worried about an IV, ID bracelets and weird, weird stuff that shouldn't matter that much.

Love and prayers! I hope you had a great baby shower! I was very sad I missed it. And I am working on a present for baby Daphne. What a cutie pie she is going to be!

The baby shower was wonderful. I am still laughing about my little talk with Wesley when he said to me, "So are you Aaron's mom?" To which i replied, "No silly! I'm his sister!" ummmmm . . . wait, no, that's not it either. He thought it was so funny when i finally said, "I'm Aaron's girlfriend". That started him teasing me, "You're Aaron's girlfriend, you're Aaron's girlfriend, you're Aaron's girlfriend". The kids were so good and I know that they will be wonderful big brother and sister to little Daphne.

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