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June 22, 2009


I think that Strickland is doing the best he can with an absolutely decimated budget. Net says social services are getting the same axe; many counties are doing away with adult protective services altogether and having their children's services slashed horribly. I know the agencies that fund where I work are talking double-digit-percent reductions. Everybody's panicking and contacting the governor's office, because nobody can afford to take the hit he's proposing.

I don't get the logic. In a poor economy, people need social services. They need libraries (because if you can't afford to go to the movies, you can go to the library and get a book). It's great that "economic development" will bring jobs, but... cutting existing services will COST jobs. Would we rather have jobs for college-educated adult librarians... or for kids who make pizzas at Chuck E Cheese?

So, can't our employer advise against this craziness? Oh, sorry... not enough profit/revenue to be gained for our for-profit entity. Per all the business advice we edit all the time: during a downturn, the wise entity INVESTS for the FUTURE. Don't cut off your nose to spite your face, per that bloody old saying.

Unfortunately, the pool of money in local government just isn't sufficient by any means. How to get more money... raise taxes? not viable either... we must invent a new business model. Something that a lot of people can contribute just a tiny bit, maybe? How about: when you buy a latte or candy or whatever indulgence of choice, reserve the change you receive to give to a worthy cause? nickels and dimes, they add up! it's just aggregating them efficiently that may be the sticking point. Just a thought. Libraries are awesome and my kids are going to free storytime tomorrow morning. They couldn't wait - wanted to go today already. Mikey said: "It IS tomorrow!"

I am self-employed, but work through the Ohio Medicaid System. I am hoping there won't be too big a cut in that area. Not only do I need my job, but the young men I take care of really need these services. Without these services, I'm not sure what will become of these MRDD clients. However, Autumn, I wholeheartedly agree about the Football Hall of Fame and other sports venues. I feel whoever owns the teams or the people who want to go there should pay for these things. We also need libraries, because in this economy, a lot of people can't afford a personal computer and internet, and the library is the only place their children can have access to these very important tools. I have already contacted the governor and expressed my views.

I guess Obama really can't fix everything.

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